Degrees + Certifications & other stories

Elena holds a Bachelor's Degree in Japanese Studies from the University of Vienna and received the prestigious Monbukagakusho MEXT Scholarship from the Japanese Ministry of Education in 2008. She studied at Osaka University focusing her research on Children's Rights in Japan. Knowing that there was still more to be learned, she moved to London to enroll in the Master's Degree program Sociology of Childhood and Children's Rights at the Institute of Education (IOE), University College London (UCL). Her thesis focused on individuality and group-orientation in Japanese elementary schools and high schools. 


In 2011 Elena moved to Puebla, Mexico, to work with an award-winning international NGO (JUCONI), which focuses on working with street children, families working in street markets and with all those affected by violence and poverty. She further went on to work with an international school (Alexander von Humboldt) in Mexico City and later joined the Department of International Relations at the Office of the Attorney General (Mexico City).


Elena has a Certification as a Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN, New York City) and a Certification as a Health and Fitness Instructor by the Vitalakademie in Vienna. In 2017, she also completed a Master's Degree in Public Health at the Medical University of Vienna, focusing her research on how pressure and expectations can affect female students' health and wellbeing (thesis title: Performing under Pressure: Health Status of Teenage Girls in a Private Viennese School). She has also worked with the Viennese Women's Shelter Homes, focusing on children's rights and wellbeing.


Elena has also been trained in alternative healing methods by the TEDS Foundation, Raymon Grace, and by Dr. Robin Murphy and Dr. Judith Toscano.


Elena has lived and worked in 8 different countries and speaks 6 different languages.