Hey Beautiful!


I am a multilingual, multicultural holistic health and wellness coach, who has traveled the world on a mission to empower women and girls to be true to themselves and guide them along their paths to inspire, motivate, and serve them to reach their ultimate goals, be it by overcoming issues in a relationship or simply to look and feel ten years younger!


I am a coach, fitness instructor, motivational speaker, and creative master mind, but above all, I am a woman on a journey to inspire: Be Bold. I am here to lift you out of your comfort zone and put some courage in your gut and soul!


Are you ready to explore infinite possibilities once you let go of all of that negative self-talk and transform a standardised mindset? 

So much more awaits... The time is NOW!

Elena Lelia Castellucci, MA, MPH, CHHC

Elena Lelia Castellucci, MA, MPH, CHHC